Thursday, August 15, 2013

MY AHPRA (Australian Nurse Bridging program) blog-- on hold.. took a different option. check my other post

I graduated and took the Nursing Licensure Exam (NLE) last Nov 2009. After passing the exams and getting my license, I was stuck in a rut. To relieve my boredom, instead of working right away, I decided to backpack travel around Asia. Don't get me wrong, I was quite productive in the last 4 years post grad. I had a thriving business and I also had an online writing job that keeps me busy. It wasn't until a few months ago that I felt the call of going abroad to work.

So.. this blog is a written (detailed) accounting of my Australian bridging program quest. I'm doing this on my own. Agencies charge extra 100k-200k for processing. My friends, who are already working in Aus, told me to do this on my own as the instructions are direct and easy.

Diagram would be something like...
1) IELTS ---> 2) AHPRA doc. submission --->3) AHPRA replies in 4-6mos ---> 4) if okay, look for Aus School with Bridging Program ---> 5) Get accepted in the school ---> 6)Get back to AHPRA---> 7)cleared ---> 8) Australian Visa ---> 9) 3 Mos bridging program

**Based from what I've gathered, the whole process from start to finish takes about 12 months to 18 months.

  • STEP 1: be prepared for the following requirements....
    • will cost you 1M to 1.3M (school, processing, lodging, food and others). I heard from someone about a "fly now- pay later" deal on some agencies. Try asking around. They will definitely cost you more but at least you won't have to cough up all that cash on a rush.
    • EXPERIENCE: At least 1 year experience is a must. A 2-year tertiary hospital experience might land you job in Australia faster.
    • IELTS: Ace the test. You need at least a score of 7 on all categories. IELTS result expire (in 12months?) so make sure you have all your documents ready before you take your IELTS. Your results might expire even before you have the chance to use it. 
  • STEP 2:Gather all your paper works. (Started on step 2: Aug 14,2013)
    • NBI: (fast processing if you go there around 2pm. Processing is brisk. If your name doesn't have a "hit", it would take you 1-2 hours max. If you do have a hit, it will take you a month to get your NBI clearance. They have express processing that cuts the time from 30 days to 20 days) Reg. rate is p115-p160
    • School records: Official Transcript of Records. Summary of RLE. Medium of Instruction. Lecture and Laboratory hours. Course description. --Have at least one carbon copy of each page and have stamped as a certified true copy just in case. Paid p932 for everything (depends on the school and their rates)
    • ----------------------PRC: (still working on this phase...)---------------
    • I kind of need the help too. I'm so clueless about some of the processes! thanks!
  • Step 2: Register for IELTS 
    • You need to register at least a month in advance before the exams.
    • Fee is around p9,000.
    • #2 passport size photo (blue or white background) and your passport (bring original and photocopy)
    • REVIEW DILIGENTLY especially on the essay part. A lot of my friends told me the essay part is a killer.
    • A GRADE OF 7 or more in all categories is required to pass (perfect score is 9)


  1. nurse is always be kind

  2. hi , im a RN too and wish to go to Oz, im just wondering if i want to study there should i take a bridging course? or a degree fo 1-2yrs?

    1. Complete a degree. Come to oz on a student visa. School are expensive (20k aus per year). If you have no savings, you will need to ask a parent to put you on their bank accounts. You will need to show proof of about 1M pesos. It might be best to come here to study business. It's way cheaper and the requirements are easier. If you have dependents then you will need more in your bank account, even if they don't come with you.

  3. Hi. Is it necessary to have a working experience as RN in Phil to be able to get a bridging program?

  4. Is it a must to have working experience in Phil as RN to be eligible for the bridging program?

    i am RN in Phil but i did not work there. I am working as Enrolled nurse in singapore right now for 3 years.