Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Chemical Face Peel Diary

It's been a while since my last update so forgive my bout of laziness. I was busy doing something else (like getting info for this article).

After my laser hair removal phase, I've decided to give chemical face peeling a go. I was never one to say "No" to beauty regiments and such. It all started when I met this lady in a review class. You can't miss her in a room full of people. Why? because she's bond paper white! I kid you not-- She's super white, it's abnormal. We became very good friends though. As it turned out, her family runs a beauty spa that specializes in body peeling. They mix and make their own astringents and blends. It took me 2 years to finally cave in and try to have my the skin on my face peeled off. 

  • HOW IT WORKS: A special acid is used on your face and neck. It's like a very concentrated form of maxi peel. The smell is pretty sharp (like acetone? or super concentrated eskinol?). The chemical varies in strength (mild to strong). The stronger the acid, the deeper the peel. The mechanics is simple.... burn your old skin so your new skin can come out. It only burns or injures the cells on the top part of your skin. Is it painful? YES. It is. I have to be very honest with you, readers, about this. I have a high pain threshold yet I would still scale the pain at 7 out of 10. The technician will reapply the acid on your face 3x or until she is satisfied. The application process would take around 30 minutes? All the while, a fan was directed on my face to reduce stinging and for me to avoid breathing in the sharp acid fumes. 
  • WHO'S THE PERFECT CANDIDATE FOR IT? If you have blemishes, dark flat peklat, skin discoloration, pimples, wrinkles, freckles or if you just have dull skin-- you are a good candidate for it. It's also a good option for those who want a lighter skin tone (gustong maging maputi) My friend/ owner of the salon, told me that she used to have a client with a birth mark on her cheek. She was very insecure about it. After multiple peeling sessions, the dark mark was lighter and the size is down to 20% from the original. Since you keep peeling the old layer, your skin keeps making new skin cells that are blemish- free.
  • WHO SHOULDN'T TRY IT: This is a NO-NO for pregnant and lactating women. It can cause brain defects (common is hydrocephalus) in babies.
  • HEALING TIME: The pain lasts around 24 hours. The redness (lobster red skin) lasts around 10 to 14 days. 
  • WHAT TO EXPECT: Pain, redness and Skin tightening. Your face feels like leather before it peels.
My skin condition post peel:
I don't have a big issue with my skin. It's fairly clean with barely a pimple in site. My only problem is that I feel it's a bit dull. Manila's stress and pollution can do that to you. I just want to get rid of my old skin. 

Day 1: The technician tied my hair back and wrapped a band on my head to clear the hairs away. They also made me remove my necklace and top. I wore a wrap (tube style) so the acid won't stain my blouse. 
The acid was gradually and evenly applied on my skin with a long BBQ stick wrapped with cotton (like big cotton buds). The cotton was soaked with STRONG concentration acid. 
Initially, the acid didn't hurt. After 10 minutes, the acid started to burn and sting. After another 5 minutes, I requested the electric fan on my face at full blow. It was difficult to breath; the acid fumes felt like it was burning my mucosal lining. The whole procedure lasted around 30 minutes. 
The instructions were pretty strict--- DON'T WASH IT. DON'T PICK OR TOUCH YOUR SKIN. and it if itches, take anti-histamine/ anti- allergy tablets. You can only wash/ wet your face on the 3rd day.
I went out of the clinic with my skin slightly pink and flushed but after an hour, my face was as red as a tomato! Seriously, I was lobster- red. No amount of powder could hide it. You can't use liquid foundation too (No liquids on your skin until you peel off).

Day 2: Still lobster red and my skin feels super tight and dry. No peeling yet.

Day 3: The peeling started on the sides of my nostrils then around my lip area and on the sides of my mouth. I didn't touch it instructed. I had a warm bath after that. You can't use any chemical on your skin just yet. 
After my bath, I noticed the skin started to really peel. I used a very soft towel to rub it gently (I was curious and excited). The skin started to peel by the chunks (?). I pinched the dead skin and tugged, a large skin section peeled off like magic! Imagine a snake peeling its skin! The skin underneath is soft and a bit moist. 

I went back to the clinic as advised and they peeled all the dead skin for me. The did a facial on my new skin. My skin was really thin/ fragile (It bruised easily when I tried pricking a blackhead).

Day 4: The clinic gave me a maintenance kit. I will try to give you an alternative product based on the kit.
My daily ritual was this.... 
Morning: Apply ice on my face and neck for 3 minutes. Then wash my face using honey. Bathe. Apply moisturizer and sun block. CAUTION, don't use your usual moisturizer and sunblock. It will sting! Remember, you have a very fresh new skin. Instead, purchase Maxi- peel care products. They're designed for peeling skin.
Evening: Apply mild peeling astringent. YES. Another peeling (it really stings). I honestly don't know why I need to do this as I've already peeled before. I want to give it a go for the next 2 weeks just to finish the whole process BEFORE judging. Then sleep and repeat the whole process in the AM.
Day 7: keep applying the sunblock and always moisturize and hydrate. 
My skin is still red though it's more of a pink-red (not lobster red). I don't know if it's due to the strong peel session or because of the mild maintenance peeling (included in the set). I have been peeling lightly everyday. I try to avoid peeling it manually.

Day 10:
Day 14:



  1. what's the name of the clinic? :)

  2. I think, I wouldn't take a risk.. It's seems to me sooo scary.