Friday, November 8, 2013

How to tell an Authentic LV Neverfull Ebene from a replica or copy

***This article is solely dedicated to help LV enthusiasts and newbies to identify authentic LV neverfull ebene from a replica so knock yourselves out ;)

A few decades ago, replica merchandise was so badly made that it was a joke to own one. Times have greatly changed though. Now, even seasoned veterans take double, triple and even multiple looks to determine the bag's authenticity. China really did its homework copying authentic wares.

Whether you're buying a brand new authentic LV, a used one or a copy, this might be able to help you choose the right one for you and your budget. So here goes! :)

1)  Photo of LV neverfull (side view). Can you tell which is authentic? 

The authentic is on the left side. The authentic LV always pays close attention to patter details. They avoid cutting and/or ruining the pattern hence the perfect square pattern at the sides. 
Now... that wasn't so hard was it? :)

2) Photo of the zipper and logo. Can you tell which is authentic?

The authentic one is the upper photo. Notice the sides of the zipper is dark brown in color while the fake one is red. Also the lettering on the inner pocket is imprinted finely with a metallic paint. Do note that it doens't always have to say made in France. Some authentic bags are made in the US. 

3) **Just a quick note. The serial number at the back of the inner pocket is not a guarantee of authenticity. Most replicas have serial numbers now. I won't provide a picture since it's not really relevant.

4) Photo of the leather and gold hardware that holds the drawstring in place. Can you tell which is authentic of the three?

The top photo is the authentic. The middle one is a really good copy while the bottom is a common/ not  a close copy.
The key giveaway is the indentation around the triangle leather. Most replicas tend to skip out on this minor detail.  Also notice the shape of the leather. The authentic Neverfull has a smooth rounded tip while copies are either too sharp or too rounded.

5) Photo of the drawstring stitches. Can you tell which is authentic?

The top photo is the authentic LV. The other two at the bottom are copies.
The genuine LV neverfull has its drawstring stitched in place (to anchor itself to the gold metal hardware) instead of locked in place with a gold rivet (?)- refer to middle photo. The bottom most photo is a very good replica.

6) Shade, Material and hardware.....

Honestly, I can't provide you with photos for this. The shade just varies a lot especially with various color settings on the computer screen. I do notice that fake bags are made with almost the same material as the original though. The PVC material used are fireproof (doesn't discolor even with direct contact with fire) and the gold doesn't tarnish or blacken if you light it up with a lighter. Again... amazing for a replica bag!

Here are just a few things I personally notice in both authentic and replica LV Neverfull ebene bags. Honestly, I found the whole ordeal of telling which from which very daunting and exhausting. There just aren't enough articles and photos online to help thrifty Louis Vuitton shoppers find the best photo for comparison. 


Here's my take on the whole LV thing....

While I've personally never owned a replica of anything, I have no qualms with people purchasing them. If you spot a very good LV replica that's a fraction of the original price, why not right? (okay, let's be honest with ourselves--- We love a good bargain). 

The Neverfull retails about  Php35,000 abroad while Philippine LV stores retails it for Php 44,000+ (due to tax). A very good copy like the one mentioned above is sold online for around Php 4,000-Php6,000. The bad copy I've posted for comparison a while back is from Greenhills, San Juan. Stalls sell them for p1,350 (they originally gave it at p4,500. TIP: ALWAYS haggle when in Greenhills because in the Philippines, EVERYTHING is negotiable ;) )

Do comment, like or share if you have ideas, photos and stories! I'd love to hear your stories too! :D


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  5. Hi !
    I'm just going to buy a LV Neverfull MM damier ebene to someone but the inside is different. The logo Louis Vuitton on the inside pouch is not the same font as the one we see everywhere... It's like a normal font, like Arial you know. Is it the new generation of Neverfull that are like this or it's a fake one ?
    I don't know what to do because they're like 3 people who sell the same Neverfull and the font is the same (not like on your picture)... :-/