Sunday, April 1, 2012

How laser hair removal works

Are you thinking about getting your unwanted hairs off permanently? the fastest and easiest way to acheive that is with laser. 

Laser works to target dark pigments. This is why laser hair removal is ideal for people with light skin and dark hair roots. The laser will pass through your light skin and target only your dark hair root. Never pluck, thread or wax your area at least 4 weeks prior to your laser hair removal session. The laser needs the dark roots to targets. 

Laser emits a small amount of radiation to destroy hair cells from dividing (growing) so it's not advisable that a pregnant or lactating mother try it. Laser will ONLY work to permanently kill your hair roots when your hair is at it's active growth stage (anagen Phase). There is no way for anybody to know which stage of growth your hair is in. That's probably why laser hair removal requires multiple sessions. After repeated laser exposures, you're bound to hit those tough hairs.

Most people ask me how many sessions of laser hair removal is needed. Basing on my personal experience, my lower legs took me 7 sessions to achieve near hairless state, My underarms need 7-8 session and my full bikini (brazillian) took me 18(and counting) sessions. By the way, I have fair Asian skin with black hair (not so coarse).

**These are the things you'll need to know before, during and after laser hair removal:

BEFORE: Never pluck your hairs. Your nurse or doctor will need to asses your skin and hair first. You'll also need to ask your clinic how much it costs and if they have installments plans and discounts. Do know that laser sessions should be spaced at least 30 days. This will give your hair roots time to grow so your laser light has something to target.

DURING: Do expect some pain. I've tried 3 different clinics and I can tell you this--THE MACHINE THEY USE MATTERS..A LOT. Some machine works better than others like the Gentle Candela Yag laser used in Shinagawa Clinic, Makati.

Some machines hurt more than others. The only way to know which machines or clinics to go for would be to scout for reviews. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of blogs and reviews about them here in the Philippines. Do click my link on LASER HAIR REMOVAL CLINIC REVIEWS to know more about my experience with them.

Before all else starts, you will have to wear protective eye wear. Your nurse will also have to prep you up by shaving your hairs. Some clinics apply a clear gel on your skin to prevent burns and accidents from the laser but that depends on the machine used. When the laser is turned on, expect a degree of pain. If you have low pain tolerance, take a painkiller pill around 20 minutes before you session. Don't wear deodorant and lotions on the skin you want lasered.

*I noticed that the more the laser stings, the more effective it is. Low frequency settings don't hurt much because there isn't much heat produced but not all the hairs fall off.

AFTER: Ask your nurse or dermatologist for anti-itch prescriptions.Your skin will turn red. It's also normal for your hair follicles to swell or form red dots. This is actually a good sign that the laser is hitting your hair roots. Try to avoid the sun for a while. You should also keep the area dry 4 to 8 hours post laser. Don't scratch if it's itchy! Apply the recommended  lotion, cream or take the anti- itch tablet as prescribed.

The cool part happens after 7-10 days. This is when your hair starts to fall. You can actually pluck them off without feeling anything. To remove the dead hair, use a cloth or loofa while in the shower.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to discuss this. I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information? It is extremely helpful for me. Thanks!

  2. Please update us on your UA hair removal experience (results). Very helpful blog. More power!

    1. Thanks for the reminder.
      One tip though… The machine is a HUGE factor in determining the outcome. I find that the best machine I've tried so far is the Gentle Candela Yag. It works like a dream! 6-8 sessions and I lost around 90% of hair on my legs! :)

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